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RATDOWN Combined Solutions against rodents

We have developed a multi-fonction central that allows simultaneous operating of multiple kind of emettors, in order to combine ultrasonic and seismic tools efficiency into one device.


Thanks to the RD5000RF central, we can protect a large area against rodents, even in case of rats and mice complex issues into multiples areas !

Another major innovation : diffusors and transponders can be wirelessly joined to the central in order to facilitate installation and reduce installation costs.

 All superficies


Low and medium frequencies multi-function central 

3 compatible devices:

Medium frequencies -> RD500DIFF RF and RD2000AP

Low frequencies -> RD2000

Ideal for driving mice out materials and partitions. Lasting

protection of buildings against rodents without danger for humans.

The RD5000RF central can be programmed to work apart from staff’s working schedules.

Preventive use is advised to avoid rodents to pass and settle

down on an area.

2 possible diffusors connection modes : wireless or

by radio

Centrale Combinée RD5000 RF ratdown


Operating and settings DEMO

For any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us; our technicians are at your disposal

@ : Contact  Us 



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