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RDEFENDER Electronic Scarecow

RDEFENDER electronic scarecow is a brand new generation scarer advised to protect farming and industrial areas against numerous birds species : herons, starling, gulls, seagulls, cormorants, magpies, sparrowhawks, blackbirds, crows, jays… RDEFENDER scarecow can also be used in order to repel game.

Thanks to its autonomous functioning (power supply on battery and remotely program), this scarecow can protect any kind of professional environment such as seedings, fields, sunflowers fields, greenhouses…


RDEFENDER electronic scarecow

Visual and sound scarer (alarm when the system triggers)

Automatic and remotely start-up functioning

Random and sequential inflation to keep an efficient fright and avoid any habituation

Available on a dedicated mobile application* that allows to operate numerous settings remotely : hours settings, time slot program, power… (* available on Android)

Can be coupled with a sound system in case of persistent issue

High quality UV and bad weather resistant cloth made in France

Covers up to 1500m2 depending on areas’ layout  

Efficient against all kinds of birds and game (rabbits, wild boar…)




Epouvantail anti oiseaux RDEFENDER RATDOWN

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