RATDOWN Electronic Rodents Capture

RDBOX, MICE and RDVBT boxes are three professional devices that allows to attract rodents with the help of natural lures, then to capture them into a secure box. They can be placed inside or outside a building.

This way of capture is reliable, rapid, cruelty-free to rodents and harmless to the environment, human health and other animals.

The RD BOX electronic capture box is a professional device for trapping rats and mice in a secure box and then capturing them continuously. The RD BOX is intended to be placed inside or outside around the edge of a building. This method of capture is reliable, expeditious, not cruel to rodents and without any danger for the environment, human health or domestic animals. 


Main advantages of RD BOX:

  • Compliant with new integrated pest management principles and HACCP standards

  • Instant and multiple rodent capture and elimination

  • Long-term protection against rodents by controlling the population

  • Safe for the environment, humans and pets

  • Robust (metal) and secure system (supplied with a lock and key) Easy installation and autonomous operation (on battery)

  • Can be used in all business sectors including the most sensitive (food industry, catering ...).


The RDVBT is an electronic and mechanical system allowing to attract, and then capture the rats in the strategic zones of passage of the rodents inside or outside. This capture method is reliable and safety for the environment, human health or pets.


Main advantages of the RDVBT:

  • Special rat capture box allowing the rapid capture and trapping of rodents in 1 second,

  • Use inside and outside buildings,

  • Reliable solution to eradicate rats and control the pest population,

  • Safe for the environment, people and pets,

  • Simple installation and autonomous operation on battery.

  • Can be used in all business sectors including the most sensitive (food industry, catering ...). 


MICE BOX Glue Multi-Trapping Box

Multicapture and secure, this innovative device is ideal for trapping mice in a professional environment.

Functional characteristics

The MICE BOX is a mechanical system that effectively attracts and then traps mice by collecting them on a plate of natural glue. Without chemicals, the MICE BOX can treat and prevent mouse infestations without any danger to the environment, human health or non-target animals. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Indications: Device suitable for the protection of: • Restaurants, • Shops, • Corners, • Agrifood sites, • False ceilings... capture_logo_rond_detouré .png


Technical characteristics: Works without battery or battery. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Total box dimensions: 28 x 19 x 25 cm

Dimensions of the cardboard plate: 27.5 x 11.8 cm

Material: galvanized steel


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