RATDOWN Electronic Rodents Capture

The RDBOX is a professional device that allows to attract rodents with the help of natural lures, then to capture them into a secure box. The RDBOX can be placed inside or outside a building.

This way of capture is reliable, rapid, cruelty-free to rodents and harmless to the environment, human health and other animals.

The rodent enters into the device by a nonslip slope and a captor detects the presence of a rodent that is electrocuted. A trapdoor opens and the rodent gets into a box that contains an anti-microbial and anti-odorous mix.

This box allows to capture and instantly eliminate rodents

in locals or outside buildings

Lasting protection against rodents and rodents’ population control

Reliable, rapid and cruelty-free way of capture (fast capture).

Harmless to environment and humans

Easy to install : works on battery


For any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us; our technicians are at your disposal.

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