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Rodents/rabbits galleries and burrows Destruction

The Warrenater is a device used for tunnels destruction, including rabbits burrows, moles and rats galleries. This device is safe and do not require any maintenance. This is an easy-to-use, safe, light, rapid and non-toxic tool. This robust device contains high quality stainless steel and alloy pieces. Ideal for protecting surrounding areas of a building and green spaces (parks and gardens).



The kit includes  :

  • 2 regulators (oxygen and propane)

  • 1 spare anti-return for oxygen reservoir

  • 1 double pipe to connect gas to control unit

  • 1 control unit

  • 1 pipe to connect gas mix and control unit electrical cables to the hose

  • 1 hose

  • Head, eyes and ears protections

  • User instructions

  • 1 spade



Warrenater in action

Easily destroy in few seconds rodents, moles and rabbits galleries that invade your fields !


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