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Desinsectiseur plaque de Glu INSECTOCUTOR

Glu Plate Pest Control:

INSECT-O-CUTOR brand Glu Plate Pest Control uses UV light to attract flying insects, then Glu Plate to capture them. Since the insects are fully restrained, Glu Plate Pest Control is ideal for sensitive environments. Glu Plate Pest Control is ideal for use in commercial spaces open to the public, professional kitchens and food preparation areas.

DEIV Plaque de Glu
DEIV plaque de glu centre commercial

Electric grid flying insect destroyers attract them to their midst with the UV light they emit. The electric grid then strikes them, before falling into the drip tray, which is easy and hygienic to empty. Electric Grid Flying Insect Killers are ideal for use in commercial and industrial storage areas, as well as areas open to the public.

Les desinsectiseurs RATDOWN
Desinsectiseurs à usage industriel RATDOWN
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