Anti-rodents/anti-fire RODENT BARRIER mastic – PFP range


RODENT BARRIER allows to create very efficient and durable barriers against pests (rodents and insects) in an easy way thanks to its cartridge format. This exclusive professional product is also fire and water resistant.

  • RODENT BARRIER is a product used to make openings completely impenetrable to rodents and other pests and is advised to obstruct sheaths and passing cables and to fill cracks. It enables to fast obstruct every rodents access ways to sensible zones, even the smallest ones.


  • Rodents attacks, water and fire resistant.

  • Do not contain any chemical nor toxic product.

  • Easy to apply with the help of a silicone gun on any supports and materials as long as the surface is clean and dry. A simple trowel smoothing is needed after the product application. 

  • RODENT BARRIER is complementary to every anti-pests struggle methods and can also be used in a preventive way.


  • Economic and ecological : little matter is enough to create a waterproof barrier, ultra-resistant to rodents attacks and fire.

  • Its specific formulation enables a fast drying and total safety to users.


310ml cartridges

Sold by box of 12 cartridges.


PFP Mastic - RATDOWN  Pest & Fire Protector

PFP Panels

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