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Each business sector has or will have rodents issues if all preventive and curative measures are not taken into account. Rodents can be everywhere and into any kind of building : kitchens, warehouse storage, grain silos, electrical boxes, garages, attics, plant rooms,  partitions…

To protect buildings against rodents, RATDOWN develops scientifically efficiency proven technical solutions, harmless to humans and non targeted animals.

Our solutions can be both used in a curative and in a preventive way. We assist every professional through a complete offer from diagnosis in most delicate situations in order to solve any rodents issue as fast as possible..

RATDOWN electronic devices are used in any kind of environment, even the most sensible such as :

- Agri-food industries

- Catering professions 

- Industry

- Agriculture

- Shops

- Hospitality

Discover our different solutions depending on your needs :

- Detect/Track

- Drive rodents out of partitions and materials

- Repel rodents out of locals

- Limit entrance points/Seal cables

- Catch rats and mice both indoors and outdoors




Rapid access

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