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RATDOWN Seismic Solutions against rodents


RATDOWN seismic devices are very useful alone or in complement with medium frequencies systems (ultrasounds) when an infestation is observed, especially linked to mice squeezing in partitions, into pallets, into a technical floor… RATDOWN seismic devices make low frequencies waves (via RD2000 transponder) into the floor or on materials to create micro vibrations in order to drive rats and mice out.

Depending on the superficy to cover and places’ configuration, we have developed two systems :

- RD2000 Kit

- RD5000RF Central  (seismic mode)

Take a look at our low frequencies systems against rodents, depending on the configuration of your area/plant : 


Reduced Areas

<100 m2

Protection bureaux RATDOWN

We have developed a specific autonomous system to drive rodents out in a particular partition or a localised area : the RD2000 kit. It allows to protect a determined area and avoid rodents to stay into materials or partitions. This system works without central and is totally autonomous : only one power point is required !




Module RD2000 sismique RATDOWN

Totally autonomous low frequencies module

Easy to use, only one power point is required

Supplied with a RD2000 transponder

Frequencies sweeping to avoid any habituation 

Ideal for driving rats and mice out of walls, partitions and materials.


Operating and settings DEMO

RATDOWN Protection entrepôt contre rongeurs

Large Areas

> 150 m2

Multi-fonction central RD5000RF is recommended to protect large areas against rodents into a building. It allows to connect 1 up to 50 RD2000 seismic transponders. RD5000RD low frequencies transmitters can be fixed on walls, partitions and materials to drive rodents out and avoid them to settle down. RD5000RF central is also very useful to protect storage areas containing racks and pallets.




Centrale RD5000 RF RATDOWN

Low and medium frequencies combined central

Can be used as treatment or as prevention to avoid rodents to settle down

Radio mode (RF) available to remove cables between the central and transmitters 

Perpetual frequencies sweeping to avoid any habituation

Ideal for repuling and drive rats and mice out of walls, partitions and materials.


Operating and settings DEMO

For any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us; our technicians are at your disposal.

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