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Focus on alternative pest control methods

What are alternative pest control methods?

Alternative pest control methods include all solutions that do not require the use of toxic chemicals to hunt or control pests. There are different techniques to repel, capture and prevent pest intrusion (proofing / sealing) within the premises or around the perimeter of the buildings.

What are the advantages for the client?

The advantages are multiple: non-toxicity, effectiveness, prevention, durability, continuous operation without human intervention having chemical effects which require to be recharged at a regular frequency to be useful.

Do RATDOWN alternative solutions comply with the new integrated pest management principles?

Our solutions are fully in line with the new principles of integrated pest management, which means that the use of plant protection products must be limited to what is strictly necessary to fight against harmful organisms and keep their presence below a certain threshold. The alternative solutions being electronic, mechanical or vegetable, are completely devoid of chemicals.

Are RATDOWN solutions reliable?

RATDOWN devices and products have been manufactured in France since 2007. We work with the largest players in most sectors, including the most sensitive (IAA, mass distribution, logistics, catering, energy, etc.). The effectiveness of our solutions is no longer to be demonstrated. Innovation is at the center of our priorities, we strive to continuously evolve our systems.

RATDOWN helps you secure your activity by implementing specific control protocols according to the constraints of your site and the problem. Whatever your sector of activity, it is important to set up a rodent control plan in order to maintain a safe environment.

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