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RATDOWN RD2500 ultrasounds transmitter 4 loudspeakers

The RD2500 multidirectional ultrasounds transmitter is an autonomous system against pests that enables to efficiently repel pests from locals without using chemical products. The RD2500 device is ideal to protect medium size areas (up to 100m² in optimum conditions of use).

Our RATDOWN RD2500 transmitter is a ultrasonic device that produce frequencies sweeping signals on a given range that can be manually adjusted by the user.

Diffused ultrasonic signals reach rodents at their natural receivers and cause them an intense stress that disrupt their biological functions (sleeping, breeding, eating…). As the zone then becomes inhospitable to them, rodents leave these protected areas.

Targets : rodents or cats depending on the frequencies range chosen.

To set down or fix on the ground.

Ideal for protecting attics, false ceilings and crawl space.

2-years guarantee professional system.

100% Manufactured in France by RATDOWN

Emetteur rongeur RD 2500 4HP RATDOWN
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