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VIGIRAT Rats and Mice Detection and Monitoring Modules

The VIGIRAT sensor is a rodent detection and counting system using the 4G network to detect and trace rodents in a professional environment.


It detects heat and rodent movement for clear monitoring in real time. Accurate and easy to use, VIGIRAT informs of rodent detection or capture events so that the various players follow the evolution of rodents (quality service, site manager or even the rodent control provider so as to adapt its control protocol).

Why use VIGIRAT?

1) Useful for defining an adapted control protocol according to the transit areas and in accordance with the new principles of integrated control.


2) In order to monitor the progress of the infestation and take rapid corrective actions if necessary,


3) To prevent possible rodent recrudescence, as unusual activity can be detected very early.

Where to install VIGIRAT?

Three possible applications:


1) In an RDBOX or RDVBT electromechanical box to account for catches and thus program a passage to empty the tank,


2) On / in a bait station,


3) Along a plinth against a wall.

Why choose VIGIRAT?

1) Precise system with excellent connectivity: 4G.


2) 2-in-1 sensor: accounting for rodent detections and catches.


3) The VIGIRAT sensor operates independently. Installation and pairing are very simple (no relay required and activation of the sensor in 3 clicks).


4) Multi-supports: Dashboard dedicated for use on the computer and mobile application (Android and iOS) for the field.


5) Multi-site management: customer / site management on a single interface. Keep a quick eye on the whole without constraints and loss of time!


6) Alerts: Receipt of notifications and / or email in real time.


7) Detailed analyzes in different formats, plan management on the interface, 3D plan options ...

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Made in France by RATDOWN.

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